ComeUp USA introduces the fastest line-speed single motor winch into hard-core 4WD racing market

ComeUp USA is excited to announce the fastest line-speed single motor winch on the market, the Seal MadX. The MadX features a 7.0 HP sealed motor and 67:1 gear ratio transmission to deliver an amazing 82 FPM no-load line speed. The Cone Brake Structure (CBS) provides full load holding brake force and prevents the vehicle from slipping or rolling backwards when the winch motor is stopped.



The MadX includes the new “COMEUP RACE TEAM” hawse fairlead, manufactured from 1’ aluminum bar.  This thicker fairlead creates a larger throat radius surface for the synthetic rope to slide against, resulting in less stress on the synthetic rope, especially during high angle pulls.



Designed for competition use, the MadX Control Box is pre-wired with leads for installation of in-cab winch controls.




Features include:

  • Fastest line speed 82 fpm at no load
  • Fully sealed transmission and motor system
  • Submersible sealed contactor and water proof remote control
  • External automatic full load Cone Brake Structure (CBS), perfect for synthetic rope

The Seal MadX winches are available with three different drum size; long drum 10”, medium drum 8” and short drum 6”.


The MadX is available with the optional Race Team Package.  The Race Team Package adds a 3/8” Dyneema 75 winch line & ½” Dyneema SK78 soft shackle from JM Rigging and a Factor 55 Splicer Thimble.

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