Synthetic Rope on COMEUP DV-9 or Viking GS-9


I have the Viking GS-9 version of the DV-9. I am going to put synthetic line on it, but am unsure of the length you would recommend. Do I get 3/8 X 80 feet or 3/8 X 100 feet?


Hi Customer,

That is really up to you.  The DV-9s comes with 3/8 x 100′ of rope and that works fine.  The advantage of using the 3/8″ x 80′ (besides the cost) is that the overall diameter is of the full drum of rope is smaller, so you will have more pulling power with the line out a short distance.  If length/distance to an anchor point is a concern you can keep an extra extension strap in your winch accessory kit.