Kaizen: Continuous Improvement

ComeUp Winch is pleased to announce the launch of the Seal Gen2 series integration winches.  The top of the line, Seal Gen2 9.5rsi will be available in early May, 2015.  The other integration models (9.5i & 9.5si) will be available in June, 2015.


New Features: Intelligence Dashboard

All of the Seal Gen2 integration winches feature the new Intelligence Dashboard (IDB).  IDB not only provides winch operation information, it also displays the battery condition of your vehicle.




The Seal Gen2 Series winches have an extended warranty of 3 years on electrical components and limited lifetime on mechanical components.


Where to buy?

Seal Gen2 Winches can be purchased online here:


Or find an authorized ComeUp dealer here:



Product Review

Seal Gen2 9.5rsi winch reviewed by Alpha Expedition





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