The ComeUp DV and Seal series winches are manufactured for the professional market to meet the ratings requirements of SAE-J706. SAE-J706 is a Standard written by the Society of Automotive Engineers. J706 is one of many national standards used in the vehicle and automotive industry. More on SAE-J706 follows below. 

In order for our professional higher capacity winches (DV-12 Light, DV-18, Seal 12.5 and 16.5) to meet the rating standard, they need to be mounted with the feet facing forward. This puts the mounting feet and hardware in a compression load which is abetter condition than with the feet mounted downward. Unless your application requires meeting SAE-J706, mounting the winch with the feet downward does not change the maximum line pull or violate ComeUp warranty policies.

The J706 Standard includes a number of features and requirements that include brake capability, cable requirements, cable drum (spool) requirements, cable drum capacities and ratings for the various layers of cable around the drum. Another requirement to define the rating of a winch is its mechanical strength.

J706 states that the rating of a winch is determined by powering the winch for a minimum of one revolution of the drum at twice the winch maximum rated line pull followed by a minimum of one revolution at the winch rating near both ends of the cable drum. The winch is expected to perform properly and without any catastrophic mechanical failures at the conclusion of the test.