July 30th, Ultra4 Regional Race at the Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Kentucky
This race featured table top jump, some wooded sections, great hills, multiple lines for passing, and great spectator opportunities. Dave Cole described the course as, “Glen Helen meets Attica meets Rausch Creek.”

The Torq-Masters Industries TORQ Locker Jeep is a ‘Stock Class’ jeep in Ultra4 Racing. For this race at Dirty Turtle Offroad park, they were the only 4600 Stock Class vehicle registered, so they bumped the TORQ Locker Jeep up to ‘Modified Class’ 4500. Friday July 29th the TORQ Locker Jeep qualified 5th in class

July 30th, race day!
4800 Legends and 4500 Modified class started their race at 1 PM, for 2 hours of racing and 12 laps. The race course featured a motocross style track with fast, well-built jumps and whoops leading into a woods section. The woods were tight, with slick muddy hill climbs, rocks, creeks and bounty hills. The first 4 laps were consistent, the TORQ Locker Jeep hitting the rev limiter to get up the steepest climbs. Lap 5 they blew a tire after hitting a tree. The Coyote Enterprises LLC inner beadlock/run flat saved the Raceline Wheel allowing the Jeep to limp to the pits for a quick tire change. Last lap they ended up sideways slipping down the steepest hill on course hill. As a team Cora and Erik worked through it and got down the greasy slope, then a short trip through the woods to the finish line. What an amazing feeling seeing the checkered flag, knowing they had just finished (officially) their first race in the TORQ Locker Jeep!!!
Final Results, placed 5th in 4500 class, completing 6 laps!

Cora Jokinen Owner/Driver
#4610 Team TORQ-Locker Jeep
President, Torq-Masters Industries

Erik Jokinen ,Co-driver
#4610 Team TORQ-Locker Jeep