Cruiser Outfitters was started nearly 25 years ago by a couple of Salt Lake local Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts in order to serve the needs of Utah’s rapidly growing Land Cruiser community. Cruiser Outfitters has been a long time industry leader in the import, manufacture and sales of serious off road, restoration and expedition parts & products. We pride ourselves on familiarity with Land Cruiser platforms of all varieties and have several key partnerships with large collectors and vehicle importers allowing us technical access to a wide array of vehicles.

Today Cruiser Outfitters stocks a growing inventory of over 3000 Land Cruiser specific offerings and ships parts to customers around the world. Our retail business has continued to expand and we have a quickly growing wholesale client base throughout North and South America. We import direct from manufactures around the globe including Japan and Australia and are direct with manufactures such as AISIN, ARB, ComeUp, Old Man Emu & Light Racing.

Our installation services are quite busy and range from power-steering installs on 50 year old Land Cruisers to full build-outs on brand new 200 Series Land Cruisers. In addition to Land Cruisers, we are very familiar with the Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, GX470 and Prado platforms and have a growing number of offerings for those platforms from manufactures like ARB, Old Man Emu, Safari Snorkel and more.

Cruiser Outfitters has been modifying imported Japanese (non-US model) Toyota Land Cruisers, such as the BJ70, through the 25 year old vehicle import exemption. Many of these vehicles are 24v diesel powered vehicles. COMEUP Winch has been a trusted resource with a nice selection of quality 24v winches that are a great option when building and modifying these vehicles for offroad and expedition travel. We have also used a number of 12v winches from COMEUP on our vehicle builds.
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